What Should We Do For The Rest Of The Year? Less.


There’s a little over three months left in 2020. 101 days to be exact.

(Yes I counted, which should tell you a lot about how productive I’ve been today.)

In normal circumstances, knowing you’re at the tail end of something is usually good motivation to kick things up a gear: Double down on saving for that house or holiday, take stock of your fitness goals as you inch closer to summer, *actually* start messaging the people you’ve matched with on Bumble instead of just leaving them in your inbox like a bunch of sad grocery items you’ve forgotten to pay for. 

But there’s been nothing “normal” about 2020. And, truthfully, I don’t really feel like doing anything. Like, anything! The only thing I feel like doing is lessI want to be on social media less. I want to read less. Write less. Wear a bra less. Exercise less. Work less. (Sadly, none of us can do that last one). And the novelty of talking about this goddamn pandemic has *officially* worn off. I don’t have any more “takes” on the virus or the state of the world to share with you, and yet to ignore its presence and impact is to live in a false reality – not to mention offend those who don’t have the luxury of being able to ignore it for a day or even a few hours. 

After sharing these feelings with friends in recent weeks, I realised that this is all of us. Collectively, we’ve run out of steam. And, for the first time in a long time, I actually think it’s okay if we all do a little less between now and New Year’s Eve. Like let’s be realistic for a moment, shall we? The next three months probably aren’t going to be the “best three months” of our lives. Nor the fittest, wealthiest, happiest or most creative. And so the first piece of advice I want to give you (and myself) is to manage expectations. Put a different way: Maybe 2020 isn’t the year you write your first novel Katherine??

Secondly, take comfort in knowing that the aforementioned “missing steam” will return. It always does! We’ve already re-learned how to buy groceries, host meetings, see friends, and even teach a school curriculum. So of course we’ll figure out how to self-motivate, be creative and find fulfilment in this new phase of the pandemic. Just maybe not today, and maybe not by the time the clock strikes midnight.

Until then, if you can lay your head on your pillow knowing you met your professional deadlines and were kind to your loved ones? Well, I think you’ve succeeded, my friend. 

Header image via Tumblr