What To Wear On Your Face When You’re Melting


The best makeup advice I can give you for days when it is simply too hot to be a functioning human and your thighs are sticking to the vinyl bus seats and you can feel that little shelf of sweat under your boobs and the small space between your top lip and the bottom of your nose is glistening and you’re thinking Good God I look sexy, is: “Don’t wear any.” Obviously. But sometimes – because of work or a pimple or your inner critic – going barefaced isn’t an option. For those occasions, the following six products have the potential to be your saving grace – because they’ve been mine.

I tend to avoid primers on sweltering days because most contain silicone which dries out your skin and thus makes it produce more oil, and those that claim to be “blurring” make your skin look flat. So instead I use Summer Friday’s CC Me Serum as my base because it has skin-brightening benefits and still provides that “tacky” platform from which the rest of my makeup can adhere to. If you *need* a primer, I like the Laura Mercier Pure Canvas Silicone-Free range for summer.

Avoid powder completely. If you use powder to try and control oil you’re inevitably going to have to re-apply it throughout the day and once you start layering powder your skin will look “cakey”. Instead, blot away excess shine with a tissue or blotting paper. Mecca do a great blotting paper for only $11 and it easily fits inside your wallet.

The thought of maintaining foundation while it’s 29 degrees outside is too much for my soul, so instead I stick with concealer to hide blemishes and even out skin tone. My two favourites for longevity are RMS Un-Cover Up and NARS Soft Matte Complete Concealer. The next hero in this film is Lilah B.’s Divine Duo Lip & Cheek which is, as the name implies, a cute little multitasker! I love these kinds of products because you can apply them to both your lips and cheeks which ties your whole face together and gives the inference that you have direction in life. Pick a shade that suits your skin tone, I alternate between “B-Lovely” and “B-True”, and apply it with a MAC #130 Short Duo Fibre Brush so that you have control over how much or little you want. 

Lipstick doesn’t hold up in hot weather, it melts and bleeds and it’s all a bit much. So a lip balm with a solid tint is your best bet. I was gifted this Pure Colour Envy Lip Balm from Estée Lauder about 12 months ago and am painfully addicted. It’s basically a lip balm with a lipstick applicator that applies clear and then develops a soft pink pigment to match your lips. I DON’T MAKE THE RULES!!!

When it feels like a minimum of 42 degrees outside, I avoid eyeshadows entirely and just focus on making sure my lashes and brows look as groomed as possible. I’m onto my third vessel of Glossier’s Boy Brow; it holds your brows in place during 99% humidity and no other grooming tool makes them look fluffier or fuller. And lastly, mascara is a personal choice but at the moment I’m loving L’Oreal Bambi False Lash thank you and goodnight I’m off to stick my face in the freezer. 

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