What You Need To Know About These La Mer Foundations


Deciding to review two of the beauty industry’s most expensive foundations is boujee business.

But with luxury skincare on the rise, and so many of you showing interest in both La Mer’s Soft Fluid Foundation and their new Luminous Lifting Cushion Foundation, I felt like it was necessary.

Both foundations retail for a mind-blowing $210 NZD each, and with that price point comes great expectations. You wouldn’t expect a drug store foundation to perform at the same level as a foundation that costs two tanks of gas, would you?

Okay, so the technical stuff first. The Soft Fluid Foundation comes in 21 shades, has an SPF 20, and you get 1 fluid ounce (30ml) of product which is standard for liquid foundations (MAC Studio Fix and Nars Sheer Glow are both 30ml). The Luminous Lifting Cushion Compact comes in 12 shades, has an SPF 20, and you get 0.42 ounces of product plus an extra refill that clicks into the compact which is also 0.42 ounces. So almost a full fluid ounce, therefore making it on par with the Soft Fluid Foundation. The issue with the compact is obviously the shade range. 12 shades is not a lot of options, even if La Mer describes them as “flexible” shades, meaning they’re designed to suit a range of skin tones. Do with that information what you will.

Using the Soft Fluid Foundation reminded me a lot of foundations like Nars Sheer Glow and Estèe Lauder Double Wear Nude, meaning it’s incredibly lightweight and soft on the skin but still blurs pores. If you’re someone who has generally good skin and doesn’t enjoy anything full coverage, you’d love the feel of this. The weight of the glass bottle and the distinctive ” La Mer scent” makes it feel luxurious. The Cushion Compact is noticeably fuller coverage and feels buttery soft on the skin – in the best way possible. I was surprised by how lightweight it was to wear (I actually couldn’t feel it) considering how much coverage you get. The Cushion Compact is long-lasting and doesn’t move throughout the day or require touch ups, which I realise is ironic considering its compact + mirror functionality. The other thing worth mentioning about this one is the design of the sponge base which distributes the product; it has a unique structure of “pores” which help to perfectly distribute the foundation onto your beauty blender or the applicator it comes with. For some reason I found this ridiculously satisfying.

If it feels like I’ve spoken about the Cushion Compact more than the Soft Fluid, that’s because I ultimately prefer it. The Soft Fluid doesn’t offer me much more than a similar light-coverage foundation does. The exception, of course, being the skincare benefits of these two beautiful foundations.

Ah yes, the Miracle Broth.

The bedrock of the entire La Mer range is also an ingredient in their foundations, meaning you  get coverage and skincare in one product. That’s the most impressive point, in my opinion. There aren’t many foundations on the market that actually improve the quality of your skin while also serving a makeup function. And it’s a comforting feeling to know with certainty that these foundations wouldn’t make my skin breakout like others sometimes do. Alongside the Miracle Broth are ingredients designed to brighten and smooth the skin like algae, sunflower seed and caffeine, which is a de-puffing/firming ingredient (hence the reason you see coffee in so many body scrubs).

Would I purchase the Soft Fluid Foundation again? Probably not, but only because I have foundations that do a similar job.

Would I purchase the Luminous Lifting Compact Foundation again? In a heartbeat.

Are these foundations worth their price tag? All things considered, I think so.

Header image by Holly Burgess for The Twenties Club