What’s The Most Embarrassing You’ve Ever Done On Social Media?


You know when you do something embarrassing in public, like your dress flies up at a busy intersection or you leave the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to your foot or you accidentally go in for the hug with your boss who went in for the handshake? And you’re mortified, sure, but within a few seconds you remedy the situation and carry on with your day as if it never happened?

Unfortunately, that same recovery time is not afforded to the mistakes we make on social media. And those mistakes aren’t just embarrassing, they’re humiliating. It’s the nip slips in an already-posted Instagram photo. The thirst traps gone sour. The wish-you-could-die Tinder exchanges. The photoshop fails and the sexting to the Wrong. Number.

And you think Why God. WHY does this shit only ever happen to me.

Well the good news is that it doesn’t. And your fellow readers have kindly offered to share their stories as proof.

“To make an ex-boyfriend jealous I would tag other guys in memes on Facebook so they would come up on his homepage and he would think I was dating them. But they were guys I had literally never met and sometimes those guys would message me, clearly confused, asking why I had tagged them and I would say “Oh whoops must have typed your name by accident!”, which I realise makes zero sense.”

“I sent a text to my boyfriend saying, “Sex tonight?”. And the reply was a selfie of his boss at work saying “Can’t find James. Just unlocked his phone. But yeah sweet!”

“I posted so many revenge-stagrams after a guy I really liked ghosted me and in all the photos I look so cute with a huge smile, appearing to have the “best time ever” but it would usually be posted either directly before or after an onslaught of tears about him. I know that’s not a funny story but it’s definitely embarrassing.”

“I was stalking a girl’s Facebook profile pictures and I had scrolled really far back and I accidentally shared one of her pictures onto my own Facebook page… It was up for 8 minutes before my sister text me and told me.”

“I sent a nude Snapchat out to a selection of boys and ACCIDENTALLY MADE IT A GROUP. Rest in Peace me. One of them was like, “Ahh fancy seeing you here mate.”

“I matched with a guy on Bumble that I thought was really cute but our match expired before I had the chance to say hello so I spent the next two weeks swiping on the app trying to find his profile again and got so obsessed that I sent an email to Bumble asking if they could please add a new feature to their app that allows you to “search” usernames…. They never replied and clearly thought I was a psychopath.”

“I was trying to do a cute boomerang of my Lush bathbomb and uploaded it to my Instagram without realising that in the reflection of the sink tap you could see my very naked body.”

“I spent two hours going through the Facebook contact lists of hundreds of people I went to university with trying to find the profile of one cute guy I had seen in a lecture. I added about 15 random people on Facebook who I thought he might be friends with just to track him down and once I found him I didn’t even do anything about it I was just like “ah, success.”

“After a few glasses of wine I slid into KJ Apa’s DM’s on Instagram and asked him on a date.  I also told him to “not forget his roots”. I had to block him after that because I was so horrified at what I’d done.”

“I was on a trip with friends in Bali and thought I was Snapchatting a friend but instead had put 15 Snaps onto my public Story. I was so drunk that a friend put me in a taxi, sent me back to the hotel and told me to leave the door unlocked for them to get in later. I went against their advice, locked the door, passed out, and after an hour of knocking they had to get the hotel staff to come and let them in.”

“I was sending nudes to my boyfriend and just as I was about to send one I dropped my phone. When I picked it up the screen had gone back to camera mode so I assumed I’d lost the picture. I was gutted because it was a great picture (in my humble opinion) but I took another one, put my phone down and went off to have a shower. I came back to a plethora of messages – turns out I had posted the nude to my Snap Story.”

“I sent a raunchy Snapchat to the wrong guy, freaked out, and then decided the best thing to do was to go onto Google and download a bunch of other saucy shots of women and send those to the guy as well and pretend someone had hacked my account haha. Believe it or not, it actually worked. I’ll take that story to my grave.”

“This wasn’t something I did that was embarrassing but I once had a guy drunk call me 27 times. Twenty-seven… I felt the embarrassment for him but it also made my drunk-dialling habits look so good in comparison.”

“I uploaded a video to my Instagram Story of me singing “Happy Birthday” while drunk only to realise the next day that I had uploaded it to our work account with over 17,000 followers. I wanted to die.”

“I accidentally shared someone’s entire album of their trip to Africa on Facebook.”

“I made a fake Instagram account to stalk my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend because she blocked me.”

“I sent someone a nude picture when I was drunk and had no recollection of sending it until I found the naked photo saved to the “Memories” album on my iPhone. I also still don’t know who I sent it to.”

“In my second year of university I went to a “ladies night” at a strip club with strippers dressed as firemen. I had a few drinks and got pulled on stage which led to a photo circulating online of me straddling one of the shirtless firefighters. I still cringe every time the photo resurfaces.”

“I once matched with a guy on Bumble called Stuart and in his Bio it said he was 6”9. So I said “Hey, Stuart Little” with a mouse emoji…seemingly to make fun of the fact that he was 210cm tall. It’s at that point that I formally withdrew from the dating app game.”

“I was planning to go on a date with a guy I’d met on Tinder so the night before I sent him a I’m-not-trying-this-is-just-me-naturally Snapchat in my Calvin Kein bra and undies. What I didn’t realise was that in the process of trying to get the right shot I leaned over and one of my boobs fell out and the screen grabbed a photo of my bare breast and double chin and it somehow ended up on my Snap Story. My friend text me and was like “Hey, I don’t know if you meant to post this pic but …”. The next night on our date the guy brought up the mishap and STARTED LAUGHING. That was our one and only date.”

“My friend accidentally shared her ex-boyfriend’s engagement announcement on her Facebook page haha. It was on her page for an hour before anyone said something.”  

Header image by Holly Burgess for The Twenties Club