What’s The Most Embarrassing Thing You’ve Ever Done On Social Media? Part Three


You know when you do something embarrassing in public? Like your dress flies up at a busy intersection, or you leave the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to your foot, or you accidentally go in for the handshake when your colleague goes in for the hug and you *graze his crotch*? And you’re mortified, sure, but within a few seconds you’re over it, and moving on with the rest of your day?

Well, unfortunately, that same recovery time is never afforded to the mistakes we make on social media. It’s the nip slips in an already-posted Instagram photo. The thirst traps gone sour. The wish-you-could-die Tinder exchanges. The photoshop fails and the sexting to the wrong number.

And you think Why does this shit only ever happen to me?

Well the good news is that it doesn’t! And your fellow readers have kindly offered to share their stories as proof.

“I had taken multiple close-ups of my vagina as I thought I had an ingrown hair. I forgot to delete them. That weekend, one of my friends was using my phone to airdrop some photos. She saw my vagina, two months post-wax, up close and personal.”

“A girl I’ve known for years and always had a crush on started an OnlyFans. In my ecstatic state I sent the link to a couple of mates and said, “Dreams do come true. Signing up for a lifetime membership lads.” Except I sent it to her… Luckily she thought the message was intended for her and was super flattered, and we ended up hooking up that weekend. So maybe there is a God?”

“As a teenager, my ex and I were always on and off. One time, after a breakup that wasn’t mutual, I sent him a really long and desperate Facebook message pleading for him to take me back. That desperate Facebook message haunted me so much and I couldn’t for the life of me figure out how to delete it, so I permanently deleted my Facebook account just to get away from my cringey youth. 10 years later, I’ve learnt my lesson and will never beg for someone’s attention again. I also won’t be returning to Facebook.”

“I was on holiday in Australia with my family while my boyfriend was back home. I wanted to send a nude to his Snapchat, but knowing he was with all our friends I messaged him first saying that I was about to send him a naked picture and to “be discreet”. Except I sent that message to the group chat with all of our friends who he was with… I still sent the nude though.”

“Sometimes I search movie sex scenes on YouTube (for obvious reasons). I was copy and pasting the URL of Zac Efron from ‘The Lucky One’ into a new tab and accidentally pasted it into our company Slack channel. For some reason, I decided the best thing to do was to send the link to a bunch of other work chats so that I could claim I’d been hacked??? Which, I realise in hindsight is fucking insane but I PANICKED OKAY.”

“I sent a nude when I was drunk and my tampon string was hanging straight down the middle of my thigh gap.”

“I thought I’d turned my camera off on Google Teams during a meeting with our entire company so I started vaping. The camera wasn’t off and it did not go down well.”

“Most girls who keep nudes on their iPhone use the “Hidden” folder. In order to access the Hidden folder, you select the images you want to hide and then swipe up on the image – which is the same thing you do when you’re airdropping content to someone. Can you see where this story is going? I AIRDROPPED approximately six naked images of myself to a nearby person’s iPhone.”

“I had a boy coming around for a booty call and I wanted some music playing in the background so I searched “Sex Playlist” on Spotify and went with the first option. The following morning I woke up to texts and screenshots from my ex-boyfriend, my brother and all of my friends saying that it had popped up on their Home Screen, “Lucy is listening to Sex Playlist”.”

“A few years ago, when Justin Bieber was touring New Zealand, I sent him a picture of my boobs on Instagram. I think my plan was that he’d see the image and want to come party with my friends and I after his concert? A concert we didn’t even attend, by the way. I was a few drinks deep so had forgotten about the nude until about a year later when I was clearing out my dodgy DMs at the start of a new relationship. The worst part? The image had been opened and Bieber had left me on ‘seen’.”

“My sister took some nudes to send to her long-distance boyfriend, and didn’t think too much about it until she realised that her phone is synced to our parents Apple account, meaning that the photos automatically download onto the family computer. She has never brought it up with our parents, but is fairly confident that Mum and Dad have seen her full frontal nudes.”

“I’m a primary school teacher. One day I was about to do Jump Jam with my class of 27 students. I asked them all to look up at the TV (as I AirPlay Jump Jam from my laptop) and when I looked up at the TV a photo message I’d sent my husband the night before was sprawled across it. I had forgotten that my texts were synced to my laptop. There I was, in my bra, posing, with the caption “Ready when you are”.”

“I created a dance video on YouTube for a girl I was really into…. She laughed at it and didn’t appreciate the gesture and I have since taken it down.”

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