What’s The Most Embarrassing Thing You’ve Ever Done On Social Media? Part Two


You know when you do something embarrassing in public, like your dress flies up at a busy intersection or you leave the bathroom with toilet paper stuck to your foot or you accidentally go in for the hug at the same moment your boss goes in for the handshake? And you’re mortified, sure, but within a few seconds you remedy the situation and carry on with your day?

Well unfortunately that same recovery time is never afforded to the mistakes we make on social media. It’s the nip slips in an already-posted Instagram photo. The thirst traps gone sour. The wish-you-could-die Tinder exchanges. The photoshop fails and the sexting to the Wrong. Number.

And you think Why God. Why does this shit only ever happen to me.

Well the good news is that it doesn’t. And your fellow readers have kindly offered to share their stories as proof.

“I took a photo of myself pulling up my t-shirt and sent it to my boyfriend to show off a new bra I’d purchased. Except instead of sending it to my boyfriend I sent it to a man I met at an academic conference. In the hopes of intercepting the photo landing in his inbox I put my phone on flight mode and blocked him on social media, but the photo still sent and the man sent me a Facebook message saying “I figure this is some kind of weird Kiwi humour?”.”

“My best friend and I used to send each other nudes on Instagram and use “tastefully positioned” emojis to cover our private parts. One time when I was re-sizing the pizza emoji I brushed over the “add to story” button. I posted a full frontal nude to the entire Instagram community and, believe me, the pizza slice was nowhere near where it should have been. 9 minutes and 4 screenshots later I managed to delete it.”

“I was Snapchatting racy pictures to a guy but I don’t have a very big bust so my flatmate suggested we send him a photo of her bust instead since it’s so much bigger, and he replied “I know that’s not you.” “

“I barely have the strength to type this out so let me just say I sent a sex-implied “Daddy” text intended for my boyfriend….to my father.”

“My old flatmate used to have such loud sex that it would wake up the neighbours. One night it was particularly loud and I had had enough so I recorded the sound from my bedroom and sent it to a few friends but accidentally sent it to the flatmate as well. To make matters worse we ended up arguing about what I’d done over text and I screenshot our conversation but accidentally sent the screenshot to her as well haha. She moved out soon after.”

“I saw the hot dad of a girl I went to high school with and immediately messaged my friend saying what a DILF he was and that I’d totally do him. Except I sent it to his daughter…who I hadn’t seen or spoken to in over six years.”

“I was feeling myself so I took some cute photos in my underwear and sent them to myself on Facebook as it felt like the easiest way to get them to my laptop for safe keeping. Turns out I had sent them to my childhood dance teacher who has the same first name as me.”

For a period of time after a guy I really liked broke things off with me I would send him random texts like, “hahaha that’s so funny”, just so that I could send a follow up text saying “Sorry! Wrong person!”. I thought it might pique his interest and he’d want me back. Did not work. Shoot me in the face.”

“I posted a photo to my Instagram Story of me lying in bed with a random caption like “Lazy Sunday sleep-in”, and about five minutes later I had three DM’s from friends who all said they could see my hot pink vibrator on my bedside table in the background.”

“I was stalking an old friend’s Facebook – we had a rocky end to our friendship and I was just curious about what she was doing with her life. I was really tired and while I was scrolling through her page I accidentally shared a photo of hers from six months prior. I then panicked and instead of pressing the cancel button I shared it to my page again. No text or caption. Just her photo. From six months ago. Twice.”

“I was playing around with my flatmate and she was filming me on Snapchat doing stupid faces and gestures etc. Her brother sent her a message after a few Snap Stories to say that my nipple was out.”

“I sent a nude to my boyfriend without realising he was at lunch with his mates and they’d all stacked their phones in the middle of the table with the rule that whoever’s phone buzzed first was shouting drinks. His phone buzzed, his friend grabbed it, and the entire table saw my very naked, high-res body. But, to be honest, I’d just done the F45 eight-week challenge and I looked damn good. So who’s the real loser?”

“I’d just broken up with my boyfriend of five years and was feeling heartbroken so wanted to do something that would give him a little dig. So my friend and I drove up a well-known hill (frequented for dates) and dressed her up in men’s clothes so that from the back she looked like a guy. We then posted a picture on my Instagram Story and within five minutes I got a *ding* on my phone from my ex. Worked a treat.”

“I took a thirst trap and was meant to send it to a guy on Snapchat but accidentally uploaded it to my Story. I only found out half an hour later when a lot of people had seen it and my flatmates hit me up thinking I was playing all these people but I swear I’m just an innocent girl!!”

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