Where Does Your Mind Go When It’s Meant To Be Present?


Last week a reader sent me a message to say that she was lying in Shavasana at the end of her yoga class and couldn’t stop thinking about what other TTC readers think about when they’re not supposed to be thinking.

You know what she’s talking about. Like when you’re getting a massage, or at yoga, or trying to meditate and you’re brain is saying “Be present… Be present… Be present… Be… I wonder why peanut butter gets all the attention? Like, what about walnuts?”

So I asked readers of The Twenties Club to send in all of the weird and wonderful (actually, mostly not wonderful lol) places their minds go when they’re supposed to be here. In the ever elusive “now”.

Here’s a few of them.


“What should my next snack be.”

“Oh my god remember that time you called your teacher “mum” when you were little….”

“I wonder if my newfound flexibility means I can try out a new sex position…and would I even like it?”

“Can anyone else hear that weird noise my stomach just made?”

“Hypothetically, what would I cook for the My Kitchen Rules ‘picnic challenge’…”

“Did I leave the straighteners on?”

“Is everyone in here a human?”

“The person I have a crush on that I shouldn’t have a crush on.”

“What’s the quickest way I can put on my socks and shoes when this is finished.”

“Yup, salmon bagel it is.”

“Why did I never learn how to play the piano?”

“I feel grounded! Yay! Oh shit I sat up too fast. Head rush.”

“I wonder how many seconds have passed since this massage started? Maybe I’ll try count: one, two, three, four, five, six…”

“Instructor: Forget what went on today, forget everything that exists outside of these four walls. Me: Let’s list everything that’s happened today so far and then let’s list everything that has happened in your entire life so far.”

“This room was cold when I entered it… and now it’s okay….but I wonder how long until I start feeling cold again…”

“I wonder which peanut butter goes best with apples and which peanut butter goes best with jam sandwiches.”

 “Was it because I asked him about his daddy issues that he ghosted me? Or did he ghost me because he has daddy issues?”

“Am I exhaling too loudly?”

Header image by Holly Burgess for The Twenties Club