Which Summer Fridays Skin-Saving Mask Is Right For You?


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: it’s been a mammoth eighteen months for Marianna Hewitt and Lauren Gores-Ireland, the co-CEOs and founders behind Instagram’s favourite face masks, Summer Fridays.

Not only have the best friends been riding the wave of success since launching in March 2018 with a single product, the Jet Lag Mask, they’ve also added two new products to the line-up – all while maintaining their commitment to good-for-you ingredients (cruelty-free, paraben-free and vegan) that actually work.

So what separates Jet Lag from its siblings Overtime and R+R? And which one smells like a pumpkin-spiced latte? Keep reading.

Using the Jet Lag Mask ($83 NZD) is like drinking a litre of water: you look and feel better almost immediately. Especially if that litre of water contains ingredients like Chestnut Extract (activates the natural exfoliation process and polishes away dead skin), Vitamin C (helps to brighten skin and fade dark spots and acne scars), Niacinamide (bit of an all-rounder; it strengthens the skins barrier) and Green Tea (you already know what this does). Jet Lag can be used in three different ways: as a ten minute mask, an overnight skin treatment (this is how I use it), and as a precursor to makeup, in place of primer and moisturiser. In all of these functions, the product will visibly brighten, hydrate and firm your skin. It literally *tightens* everything which I love. It makes my skin tingle and feel hot for the first ten minutes, which might be due to the orange oil (I have a slight intolerance to citrus). It has the consistency of a super thick moisturiser like Weleda Skin Food or the original Creme de La Mer. The mask is rinse-free, meaning you can either blot away excess product with some tissue or just rub it in.

The Overtime Mask is Summer Fridays heavy-hitter (with the best Starbucks-adjacent scent), but also the mask I use the least. Overtime does not mess around when it comes to exfoliation; offering both manual (Apricot Seed Powder) and enzyme exfoliants (Pumpkin Extract packed with Vitamins A, K and C). This dual-exfoliation is what makes Overtime such a clever product because it gives you autonomy; if you’re like me and the thought of *scrubbing* your face makes you shudder (you literally couldn’t pay me to use St. Ives Apricot Scrub), then you can still apply Overtime and receive the de-cluttering skin benefits from the Pumpkin Extract. The Oat Kernel Protein in the mask has anti-inflammatory properties and is what gives your skin that velvety feel when you wash the mask off. And if you suspect that you’re guilty of *over* exfoliating, read this article on The Cut (I won’t judge).

Arguably the most romantic of the three, R+R smells like roses and feels luxurious as hell. To me, R+R combines all the best qualities of Jet Lag and Overtime; it hydrates the skin with the help of Bulgarian Rose Oil but not before gently exfoliating the skin’s epidermis layer using Rose Powder (who knew!). You gently massage the mask onto clean, dry skin and leave it for ten minutes (just enough time to dance around your bedroom to no less than three Lizzo songs). After removing it with a damp face cloth, gently pat the remaining oils into your skin for a super-glowy hydration boost. With a dream team of antioxidant-rich oils—including Argan, Sesame, Avocado and Grape Seed— steeped in nourishing fatty acids and anti-inflammatories, this mask is my new favourite and it’s pretty damn addictive.

Header image by The Twenties Club