Win Tickets To An Exclusive Ostro Brunch With Nespresso + My Morning Routine


I’m a morning person.

And if you’re not a morning person, you’ll hate that I even wrote that sentence. But it’s true. I live for the mornings. For that small window of time when the rest of the city is still asleep and I’m out walking, or at yoga, or reading an article in bed or at the office free-writing (a prewriting technique where someone writes continuously with no regard for spelling, grammar, or the topic. It’s really fun you should try it.)

The other reason I’m a morning person is because I’m a coffee person. And coffee is to mornings what Twitter is to Trump.

The first thing I do when I get to my office, before I open my computer and attempt to tackle the storm that erupted in my Gmail account over night, is make a Nespresso. It’s ritualistic and I love the comfort I get from not only making my own coffee, but also choosing the flavour, strength and scent of that coffee. For the record, the two Nespresso coffees I’m drinking the most at the moment are Rosabaya de Colombia (the pale pink one, Intensity 6) and Bukeela ka Ethiopia (the peachy orange one, Intensity 3). Both are Pure Origin coffees which means they’re sourced from a single country of origin.

Later this month, Nespresso is working with their culinary ambassador and Ostro food director, Josh Emett, to host a special brunch and there will be Nespresso coffees as far as the eye can see. Described as “a four-course gastronomic experience designed by Josh Emett, featuring Nespresso coffee pairings from the finest coffee-growing regions all over the world.”  The event, taking place on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th of April, has already sold out but I’ve set aside two tickets for the Sunday sitting so that you and a girlfriend can go. For free! And get all the food and a goodie bag!

This could be your half eaten pastry!

 All you have to do is go to The Twenties Club’s Instagram account and comment on my latest Nespresso post featuring the Lattissima One with your favourite coffee (latte, flat white, mocha, chai latte, long black…) and the angel you’d bring with you to the event – that’s it!

Anyway, I’ll announce a winner next week so get going!

The Details

  • The Josh Emett Breakfast, presented by Viva & Nespresso
  • Ostro Restaurant, 52 Tyler Street
  • Sunday 29 April, 9am-10.30am
  • Includes four-course brunch, coffees galore, and a goodie bag valued at over $50
  • Winner will be announced on Monday 23 April


Josh Emett, Ostro food director and Nespresso ambassador

All images by Anna Kidman for Nespresso and Ostro